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Wrong Jungle?

Wrong Jungle?

. 1 min read

Going faster doesn’t help when you are headed in the wrong direction.~ Michael Neill

Stephen Covey talked about working feverously but being in the wrong jungle. Our jungle is pictured below, it was extremely productive!

What do humans really want? More zeroes on on our computer screen aka stock price appreciation or a quality of life expressed in effortless self sufficiency, security and abundance! We want: A passionate purpose, productive use of our job skills and a sense of community!

It won't be long and Spring will be here... having said that the weatherman was calling for snow today... April 26???

We are starting to put in our community gardens and our Permaculture Food Forest! The food forest will feed generations to come long after we are gone! "Sharing and Caring" is one of our mantras! Start small, but think big! 9 yards of compost, 5 yards of top soil, plants from Edible Flint, mix in some sweat equity, plant some seeds and "Boom" or is it "Bloom"... you have a jungle of abundance!  Time does fly when you are having fun!

The Jungle!
Our jungle!