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Warrior Breed Motorcycle Club: Working Together! How Will It Work?

Warrior Breed Motorcycle Club: Working Together! How Will It Work?

. 3 min read

A big "Thank You" to Anna Caleca, William Kean, Matt Nelson, Tim Kurrle for the  preparations of helping with the set up, food and sawmill demonstrations. The record should reflect that Matt Nelson and Robert Richards, a member of Warrior Breed Motorcycle Club, were the magic that coordinated this "Meet and Greet'!

Robert Richards was part of the magic!

One of our mantras: "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." Helen Keller

A passionate purpose, working within our skill sets and a sense of community ..."BOOM!"... we have a successful Non-Profit 501 C 3, Hope Floats For Veterans, Inc.

We are hoping to establish a working relationship with the: Warrior Breed Motorcycle Club, Inc. Warrior Breed is a 501c3 nonprofit veteran based motorcycle club dedicated to helping veterans with PTSD, TBI and suicide prevention.

We had our 1st "Meet and Greet" on Saturday, it was fun, we learned a lot about our respective intentions. We appreciated the Warrior's time and attention... priceless! We have much in common with their Passionate Purpose! I think the Warriors appreciated the potential and magnitude of Hope Floats' intention to help Homeless Veterans by feeding the hungry and housing the homeless.

We are offering a hand up, not a hand out. We provide the support of back end services for Veteran/Employee owned cooperatives as well as hands on support and financial support. Our goal is to have a 100 working cooperatives. Right now we have one cooperative "RBV Sawmill" (Run By Veterans Sawmill) and are in need of Veterans that want to become working members.

Our platform will provide for "Back End Services", which will include the following:

  • Legal Services:

To simplify the formation process for the legal structure a Series Limited Liability Company "LLC" has been formed "Veterans Dare To Care, Series LLC". A Series LLC can have an unlimited number of cells/LLCs which will lower the legal costs of forming cooperatives. Each cell would operate in and of itself and contain all legal liability to that one LLC. Example: Each cell could contain one floating home as a rental to limit liability. All that is required is that managing members for the cell and working members comply with the requirements for acquiring an EIN number and fill out the required IRS forms. The managing members would fill out a simplified operating agreement. Series LLCs have many benefits. Please see:  
Delaware Series LLC - Form Series LLC in Delaware | IncNow Why should you form a Delaware Series LLC? It's better than a conventional LLC because of internal firewalls.

  • Accounting Services:
    This will lower the cost and allow the filing of needed tax returns for the members in the event of a distribution or rollover of funds for a next model. Local accountants could be retained or a single accounting firm could provide all of the accounting needs for all of the respective Series LLC cells, again to simplify the process and lower costs.
  • Marketing Services:
    Social media will be accessed by service providers for their respective projects to generate community engagement and support. By connecting with all appropriate social media sites it will generate a marketing effort ongoing. These sites include: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and all other appropriate social media sites.
  • IT Services:
    Our online Platform, Web Page and Blog will need to be provided as part of back end services.

As Veterans are referred we can help them find their true "Passionate Purpose" and assist as they get started with their own cooperative!