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. 2 min read

We have lots of water and lots of ducks and geese. We like simple, yet effective ideas for water purification. I don't like drinking the water that comes out of the tap. We have seen the horrors of the Flint Water Crisis.

This sustainable desalination pod makes seawater drinkable naturally - Inceptive Mind WaterPod is a low-cost yet environmentally-friendly desalination method to generate drinkable water. In many arid regions, people use devices known as solar stills to extract drinkable water from seawater or tainted water. A new type of solar still is claimed to be much more effective than others, by incorporating a rotating cylinder.

How to Turn Sea Water Into Fresh Water Without Pollution

Apr 9, 2021 • “The Line” is Saudi Arabia’s bold vision for the future of civilization: an ultra-modern city designed to house 1 million people and be entirely pollution-free. Subscribe:​ But there’s one problem – it’s in the middle of the desert. And cities require a lot of water. Enter the Solar Dome, a new desalination system built on existing technology. It’s supposed to be a low-cost, efficient, and carbon-neutral way of turning saltwater into fresh water. With water scarcity already threatening the Middle East, Saudi Arabia is the world leader in desalination, but the process does pose problems. We take a closer look at the environmental costs of desalination, and how new innovation like the Solar Dome is trying to tackle these issues.