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Actual Construction Technique Dome.

Actual Construction Technique Dome.

. 1 min read

Just change the struts from PVC to basalt and boom! Our floating tiny home domes will be 16' in diameter = 200 square feet with a goal of costing $1,000 or less. Glamping aka camping on the water will produce a revenue stream for our Homeless Veteran Community. We expect summer months will be the best!

PVC Star Dome Time Lapse​ This video shows the initial geometry of the first ten PVC struts used to form a 2.5 meter diameter Star Dome.

We are incorporating the best principles of the Geodesic Dome, Structurally Insulated (SIP) Panels, Aircrete/EPIC building material, passive heating and cooling to produce an energy efficient, off the grid Floating Tiny Home. Our workshops will teach the principles and the process. It will keep getting better and better as we learn more.

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