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Run By Veterans (RBVS) Sawmill

Run By Veterans (RBVS) Sawmill

. 1 min read

RBVS Sawmill is up and running. We have spent the last 120 days cleaning out the red barn, installing wiring, setting up the sawmill and purchasing needed wood working machines. Relationships are being established with local tree cutting services which provide our Veterans with millable logs. Matt Nelson a professional carpenter with 32 years of wood working experience is the Captain of this ship/co-op. We are excited about how RBVS will fit into the Homeless Veteran projects to provide the lumber needed for our Floating Tiny Homes. We could build a city with a chain saw and this sawmill. The opportunity for value added projects is only limited by our imagination. Around 24 acres of the 62 acre parcel is loaded with hardwoods: Oak, Maple and Hickory. For every tree we cut we will plant 10 more, mainly fruit trees: Apple, Pear and Plum. Most of the logs will be given to us from local tree service companies. We are harvesting the fallen trees so they don't go to waste, expanding our drive way around the red barn and enjoying the journey. There is something special about working with your hands, with wood and with a passionate purpose!

We can cut a 17' log.