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. 1 min read

Troll Policy

As we grow we are going experience some trolls. We would ask you not to engage with trolls on any level. They feed off of engagement. If we don’t feed them they will go away. If they do something that’s overly crude or offensive please just report them and we will take care of it. They will get blocked.

Thank for your support!

Another day of trolls on social media. Another day of vulgarity and partisanship in the media. Another day of needlessly rude emails and people shouting conspiracy theories instead of caring about each other. Another day with your neighbor who doesn't follow the rules. Another day of people speeding on streets where kids play.

It's enough to make anyone despair, what's wrong with everyone? Is everything going to pieces? Like the rest of us, you're probably looking for something to be hopeful about, something to inspire you. And it'd be wonderful if there was something major to point to, but there isn't.

No, if you want to see good today, there is only one option—do good yourself. As Marcus Aurelius writes, the good news is something you make. You make it with good character, good intentions, and good actions.