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These solar-powered sleeping pods were designed to provide homeless people shelter in winter!

These solar-powered sleeping pods were designed to provide homeless people shelter in winter!

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Mantra: "Sharing is Caring"! Veterans that Dare to Care, a Series LLC is addressing Homelessness thru the creation of cooperatives. One of our cooperatives could focus on building pods similar to the "Ulmer Nest" for the homeless Veterans.

Countries all over the world struggle with addressing homelessness. In the USA the tsunami of homelessness is accelerating. We could make these units inexpensively with our aircrete/EPIC mix and our sawmill. This one looked like it could be a game changer for Homeless Veterans all over the USA. This would be a great project and provide work that matters for our Homeless Veterans.

These solar-powered sleeping pods were designed to provide homeless people shelter in winter!  Ulmer nest is a solar-powered sleeping pod to protect homeless people in winter:
Ulmer nest is an architecture project with a social conscience. developed by an interdisciplinary team of six, the timber pod serves as an emergency shelter to protect homeless people from bitterly cold winter weather. two prototypes have already been installed in the German City of Ulm.

The Ulmer nest is for those who, for whatever reason, cannot stay in homeless accommodation. It is not meant as a replacement to regular homeless shelters, the nest is described as a "last resort". Rather than spending a night in the freezing cold sleeping on a park bench or on the street, the pod provides a means of protection against the elements.

German City Installs Pods For Homeless People To Sleep In!

Sleep pods to shelter homeless people in the winter are installed in German city

The German city of Ulm, 75 miles west of Munich, introduced these small shelters dubbed 'Ulmer Nest', on 8 January in parks and other strategic sites, a city spokesman said. When developing the prototype, the team carried out thorough research to gain better insight into the people who would use the shelter. They found that there are many reasons people can’t stay in dedicated homeless shelters. These reasons ranged from people not wanting to be separated from their dog, to the fear of crime and violence. Following their conclusions from their research, the team resolved to create a one-person sleeping pod.

The final nest prototype is made using solid timber for the body and powder-coated metal for the parts that require intensive cleaning. Wood was selected as the main material for its durability and insulation properties as well as its economical and ecological aspects. once the pod is assembled, the wood is coated with a stain to protect it from the weather. We would use the Aircrete/EPIC mix to lower costs and increase durability. The doors would be made by Veterans of wood from the RBVS Run By Veteran Sawmill.

The design is fitted out with all the necessary tech, including a heat exchanger to supply fresh air, GPS sensors, smoke alarms, and a motion detection system. The team also considered the safety and cleanliness of the pod. Our design would be protected against fire and includes a secure locking system for personal safety.