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The Obstacle is the Way!

The Obstacle is the Way!

. 2 min read

The Serenity House of Flint - Addiction Recovery - Flint, Michigan offers assistance addressing addiction locally:

Providing holistic prevention services to heal addiction, codependency, and trauma in the individual and community.

Joe Polish offers assistance for addiction globally. He has created a platform specifically designed for this purpose.
Genius Recovery the global conversation about addiction ask not “why the addiction?” but “Why the pain?”


Many successful people have figured out how to take silent battles and pain, and transform it into productivity.

Most people cannot, and do not, do this.

The vast majority of people do not read books.

The vast majority of people do not attend seminars.

The vast majority of people do not seek out self-improvement.

If there is a commonality among successful people – it’s struggle.


And, it’s being able to overcome the struggle and tap into resourcefulness that make one successful.


Successful people take intelligent risks while seeking out recipes and solutions for success.

They put themselves in front of opportunity.

Opportunity is always there; the question is whether you are availing yourself of it.


Goals are dreams that are taken seriously.

A lot of people have dreams, but they don’t take them very seriously.

The people that do, have goals.

When you attach actions to those goals, you Produce Results.