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The Exodus: To a Life, Worth Living! Together We Survive and Thrive!

The Exodus: To a Life, Worth Living! Together We Survive and Thrive!

. 2 min read

Now is Just the Beginning of the Great Resignation - Social Unrest!

****Some of us are silently preparing for an exodus*****The pandemic allowed us to realize that we do not have to donate our functional years to a corporation for a greedy, selfish titan to get rich at our expense. **A mass exodus is coming soon** I'm sure there's a group of us participating in this Great Resignation. Many are laying flat while doing the bare minimum to maintain their jobs. They're up skilling on our company's dime. We're scrolling job postings and on LinkedIn during off-camera meetings. We're being picky when it comes to jumping ship because we've played this cruel hopscotch game before, and we're not interested in playing anymore. Despite what people might say about us, we want to work. We want to be a part of a team of which we are proud. We want to contribute to something meaningful doing work that matters. The Great Resignation is not just about poor compensation and lack of health and dental benefits. This isn't about vacation days or flexible hours and remote work. It's about putting companies not putting their effort and money where their mouth is. **It's about the workers' wellbeing.** It's about building collaborative, healthy teams. It's about aligning the company's efforts with meaningful work that positively impacts the world. It's about the stuff that companies talk about all the time but fail to deliver on. Instead, they spend countless hours painting on the makeup and acting out the play like it's all some charade. The truth is they pretend to be organizations that care about their staff. They pretend to be places where people enjoy working. They pretend to be corporations that work for the community and the world. Of course, the workers always know this. We're the ones behind the puppets. We're the ones running around backstage setting up the lights and taking care of the audio. We're the ones pulling the strings and making sure the show goes live.

**The start of something new** But, that act is over. Fool us once, twice, thrice… a thousand times; shame on us. But we had no choice. We didn't think there was another way to work. We grew up and watched our elders play by the corporate rules for years. We watched them wake up and go to work. We watched them accept their measly salaries and poor working conditions. We watched them work, live poor and then die. The pandemic showed us that things could be different. It showed us just how insane life on Earth was before corona came to visit. When we figure out how we want to work in the future, there will be another wave. And it will be significant. It will wash over cities as we've never seen before. Get ready because we're just getting started.

Kiss that corporate life goodbye! The Heroes Journey awaits! An excellent place to start is defining your purpose! Join us to take the road less traveled. You will be glad you did! Get off the "People Farm" to design and live your dream life! Your greatness awaits!