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Thats What We're Talking About!

Thats What We're Talking About!

. 1 min read

Propagating Clonal Rootstocks
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Propagating clonal apple rootstocks in a stool bed for grafting new apple trees onto.

These are the exponential unlimited ideas that our Veteran Community will run with! Big thank you to Lance Brown for his assistance, much appreciated. We have ongoing supply of sawdust from the RBV Sawmill. This opportunity to provide a legacy of food production is priceless. We are ordering root stock to get this started. Simple process producing exact clones basically for Free! Our mission includes: growing nutritious food to create a compelling abundant future which is "FREE": (Financially Resilient, Ecologically, Empowered)

The following video might even be a better way to create perfect clones! We will be trying both methods.

Propagation: Apple Rootstock Layering

A simple method for propagating clonal apple rootstocks.