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Surviving Collapse, Designing your Way to Abundance

Surviving Collapse, Designing your Way to Abundance

. 2 min read

Marcus Aurelius: Our worth is measured by what we devote our energy to.

There are many dark clouds on our horizons. Climate change, pollution, hunger, homelessness, poverty,  fresh water, severe weather events, violence, just pick one, etc. etc. "Black Swans, Crisis Potentials, Murphy's Law, Inevitables, Opportunities for Social Change?"... these dark clouds are called many different things! One of the darkest clouds sneaking up and bearing down on us is a currency crisis!  It's like a tsunamis which can travel at 500 mph but are basically unseen under the surface of the water."The speed at which tsunamis travel depends on the ocean depth. A tsunami can exceed 500 mph in the deep ocean but slows to 20 or 30 mph in the shallow water near land. In less than 24 hours, a tsunami can cross the entire Pacific Ocean."   The tsunami we want to address is the insidious nature of the monetary system which is not sustainable. If there’s an iron rule in economics, it is Stein’s Law (named after Herbert Stein, former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers): “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop.”

Death and destruction vs life and abundance... makes for an easy choice!

The choice we need to make is "Freedom or Slavery?" Inflation steals the wealth of all savors turns us into slaves. Tax slaves, bank slaves, working zombies! Inflation eviscerates the middle class and especially the poor. What you have spent your entire life working towards and saving will be destroyed. We need a positive tipping point? It is so simple! "You can solve all of these worlds problems in a garden!"  Geoff Lawton We want to be more than sustainable. We are working toward being regenerative! Healthy and nutritious food for generations to come! Self sufficiency is our solution to all of the dark clouds on the horizon.

Air, water, food and housing in a virtuous closed loop eco system! Our Permaculture Food Forest in alignment with nature and the universe will create abundance for generations to come. We are planting trees that will benefit our great, great, great grandchildren, long after we exit the human experience! It is so simple but addresses the complexity of a world on fire.

Biomimicry Principles... Our Mantra: "Aligning action around a compelling shared purpose." In this case it will be our long term survival. We are all interdependent on each other! The sooner we realize this fact the better it will be and the sooner we can work toward the life we all want! Let's get this "Party..." started!