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Sawmill Workshop

Sawmill Workshop

RBVS Run By Veterans Sawmill. Located in Clio, MI

We offer woodworking workshops on how to run a sawmill and make value-added products. Matthew Nelson has 32 years of experience as a professional carpenter. Having worked in the trade doing everything from rough into finished cabinetry he has a wealth of information that he is willing to share. We are in the right place at the right time! The price of lumber is going thru the roof! A kiln is next up for the RBV Sawmill. "Run By Veterans Sawmill!" Matt teaches classes on how to cut lumber and make value-added projects.

Volunteer with a great group in making quality woodwork. What a great way to support Homeless Heroes we serve!

Matt is the Magic!
Ask us about purchasing your custom made woodwork product!
These 2" x 4" x 12' Came out of one log!
Volunteers "making" a difference for our Homeless Heroes!
Thank you to local businesses for your support!

What a great way for Veterans to serve other Veterans!