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Time to be a Revolutionary! Plant a Permaculture Food Forest!

Time to be a Revolutionary! Plant a Permaculture Food Forest!

. 1 min read

Our government is not going to save us! Inflation is going to destroy access creating more food insecurity. Our response "Expand our community gardens!"

“In our society growing food ourselves has become the most radical of acts. It is truly the only effective protest, one that can—and will- overturn the corporate powers that be. By the process of directly working in harmony with nature, we do the one thing most essential to change the world — we change ourselves.” Jules Dervaes, Founder (1947-2016)

Moving from "me" to "we" is a transformation to happiness! Our revolution has started by putting in a garden and planting fruit trees on October 23, 2021. Huge thank you to our "Volunteers" from (Honor Society Flushing Schools) that helped.  We planted, pear, apple, mulberry, paw/paw and locust trees (nitrogen fixers). It was a great learning experience for everyone involved.

Hope Floats' is to feed the hungry, house the homeless, and offer classes teaching marketable job skills to homeless Heroes. We are building floating homes for homeless Veterans on our lake and growing food in our permaculture food forest and community gardens all supported by Veterans. We have a donated 62-acre parcel with a 10-acre lake and heavy equipment to make this happen.

“Progress starts with envisioning a new (yet old) lifestyle with the home as central to all aspects of life—work and leisure, food and energy. So, real progress means bringing the economy, beginning with the food economy, home again. “ Jules Dervaes, Founder (1947-2016)

Location of Community Gardens and Learning Center: 11214 N. Elms Road, Clio, Michigan 48420

Thanks! Damon R. Huffman, Chairman of the Board of Hope Floats for Veterans, Inc. Cell: 810-348-7383.

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Our Volunteers are magical!