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Out of the Box and Into the Food Forest!

Out of the Box and Into the Food Forest!

. 1 min read

Better is possible… if we care enough to walk away from what was and brave enough to build something new. Seth Godin
The Forested Garden: What is a Food Forest?

"We can solve all of the world's problems in a garden!" Geoff Lawton​. Forests are ecosystems with a diversity of plants, animals, and fungi. They were designed by nature to have perfect balance. A food forest is a version of this in which the different, balanced components produce food. When we understand how nature creates its ecosystem, we can model that with productive species to produce food sustainably, with minimum inputs for maximum outputs. Forests have layers. At the top is the (1) canopy layer followed by (2) understory trees, (3) bushes and shrubs, and down to (4) herbaceous layers. Under the ground, there are (5) root yields, and at the surface, there are (6) ground covers. There are also vertical layers of (7) climbers.

The most output with the least input!

Working with nature rather than against her we can demonstrate a life long legacy of abundance where Mother Earth and humans thrive and flourish in a virtuous closed loop eco-system. This fulfills one of our mantras: "More for Less!"