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Our Commitment: 100% of all Donations go to Benefit Our Veterans!

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We are always looking for game-changers! At Hope Floats for Veterans, Inc., one of our principles is to "Shun the parasites and predators!" This platform, "" will change the landscape for raising money for 501 C 3s. Grantors and Funders want their grants to go for the benefit of the intended purpose and not be siphoned off as a hidden expense behind the curtain. It is all about the "Beneficiary", our Veterans!

We designed our charitable effort using the 12 principles from Dr. Barker's book. Those principles have been successful for millions of years! We wanted Hope Floats to be an ongoing legacy for future generations of Veterans.

Superorganisms depend on Reciprocity and Sharing:

11. Share the work and the wealth, and protect collective value from "predators and parasites."
"TEEMING" by Dr. Tamsin Woolley Barker - Save for Good® helps you save & donate money to impact your future positively!

We are coming into the season of gratitude, giving, and Thanksgiving. Lots of people decide to give at the end of the year. The site will be functional soon, and we will be a patron. That way, all funds donated will go to the beneficiaries: Our Heroes, maybe have fallen but are never forgotten!

Hope Floats is a 1st responder and will be maximizing the gains for our "Heroes"!