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Our First Meet and Greet!

Our First Meet and Greet!

. 2 min read

A friendly reminder that we will be having our first "Meet and Greet" on Saturday June 12, 2021. Please plan on eating around noon and all are welcome! 6370 W. Wilson Road, Clio, Michigan 48420. Our mission has much in common with that of our guests: Warrior Breed Motorcycle Club, Inc. Warrior Breed, is a 501c3 nonprofit veteran based motorcycle club dedicated to helping veterans with PTSD, TBI and suicide prevention.

The menu includes: hot dogs,  fish, wing dings, chips and Granna's famous baked beans! Coffee, lemonade, water and ice tea to drink!

Matt Nelson and Bill Kean will give short presentations on how to run a sawmill and the improvements they have made. We can learn how to cut up a log! Learning by doing is always the best way! We plan on making picnic tables and benches... if the Universe is willing!

It should be a good time, looks like the weather is going to cooperate and you can see 1st hand what "Hope Floats for Veterans, Inc." is all about! We are a work in progress!

Wing Dings!

Contact information:

Bill Kean, President of Hope Floats for Veterans, Inc. 501 C 3 IRS Status Approved. A Managing Member of Veterans Dare to Care, Series LLC. Cell: 810-406-7228

Matthew Nelson, Managing Member of Veterans Dare to Care, Series LLC. Cell: 810-397-1596

Damon R. Huffman, Board Member. Cell: 810-348-7383.


Cell: 810-348-7383 Please leave a message.

Web page: (Under construction - Beta)

Site locations:

RBV (Run By Veterans) Sawmill: 6370 W. Wilson Road, Clio, Michigan 48420 Contact Matthew Nelson Cell: 810-397-1596

Learning Center and Community Gardens: 11214 N. Elms Road, Clio, Michigan 48420