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How Small is Too Small?

How Small is Too Small?

. 2 min read

Geodesic domes are some of the most fascinating structures in engineering. Due to their simplicity and robustness, they represent an ideal solution for a planet where many face the dilemma of not knowing how to build their home. Spherical structures, built with triangular frames, such as geodesic domes, generate the strongest possible structure with the minimum amount of materials used. Geodesic domes are the best way to save money and help sustainability.

Advantages of Geodesic Dome Homes“ Geodesic Domes are known to be the strongest, lightest, most efficient shelter devised by man”. Pacific Domes, Inc. A prefab 16 ft. diameter dome can be assembled within a few days What is a Dome Structure? Dome shelters, such as the primitive tribal mud hut have been around since man’s earliest attempts to create shelter. In...

How small is too small or how big is too big? This size would work just fine for me! A senior that spends lots of time reading, planning and thinking. I have found that minimizing is an emotion journey. We do get emotionally attached to our lifetime of  "acquisitions"! It is hard to let go!

We might need some therapy to move into this unit. These would work well on our floats! High tech meets back to nature.
Microhaus by Haus.Me - Dwell Whether you’re looking to hit the road or build a backyard ADU, the Microhaus by Haus.Me offers mega convenience in a pint-sized package.

One of the smallest I have found! tiny house Nano is the smallest realization of Baluchon. Its trailer of only 3.3m by 2.3m carries a house that contains everything ... If I did my math right this one is 80.35 square feet! Pretty and small! Too small for me!