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More for Less!

More for Less!

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Human beings will not defeat nature. You can resist it, deny it, thwart it, cover it, pervert it, subvert it, and try to kill it. No matter what you do, nature will return and prevail. This epoch of humanity will culminate in the recognition that nature is not our enemy. It is our benefactor. Then the war against ourselves will end.~Alan Cohen

We will grow our own bamboo. To start building our floating tiny homes we will start with basalt. Stronger and lighter than steel which doesn't rust. It will make a great seamless monolithic structure. Remember our goal is 200 square feet for $1,000 or less.
Bamboo Dome Animation

They are testing a 3D model of plans to build a bamboo dome as per Buckminster Fuller's star dome plans. Corresponds to plans found on

I personally have tried to grow bamboo here in Michigan, unsuccessfully. I know they are growing it up North. We just have to get a hardy variety that will flourish and thrive in our climate.