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May the Spores Be With You!

May the Spores Be With You!

. 1 min read

Fungi Global Summit  Fungi can solve so many problems created by man. I think they taste good!

Shiitakes growing in our start-up!

Mushrooms are on our fun to-do list. We have started our mushroom farm. We get loads of wood chips given to us from local tree service companies. After they begin to break down, the decaying chips become a feast for mushroom spores. We also plan to use old stumps as part of this effort. One of the Biomimicry Principles we live by 2. Aggregate scattered scraps into something greater. Taking a waste stream and turning it into a profit center... that's what we're talking about!

Marky supplies Walmart with dried mushrooms. This gives you an idea of how valuable mushrooms can be. We understand that if there is "No Margin, then there is No Mission"! We are always looking for revenue streams to support our Veteran Community.

Dried Shiitake Mushrooms, Whole - 1 lb From Walmart.

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Sold and shipped by Marky's | Optimus Inc.