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Leave No Soldier/American Behind!

Leave No Soldier/American Behind!

. 2 min read

Those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.
~ Joel A. Barker

Are we really that stupid? To leave US citizens behind? USA Afghanistan supporters behind, 85 billion dollars of sophisticated weaponry behind, our military dogs behind, our reputation as a responsible world country behind? In considering why our Great Country's leadership would do such a thing? Please try to answer that question? My thoughts: I've read a number of books how Governments will create a crisis (False Flag Events) as opportunities to enact desired change. My questions: Was it done as a sale of weapons to the enemy? To destabilize the region? Why did the military go along with such a ruse? Is it the Geo-Political-Military-Corporate machine at work generating more sales of weaponry... more profits? Were there bribes paid under the table? Will our allies trust us anymore? I could ask so many questions?????? My underwear is "definitely" in a bunch, but what can we do about it? Sure we can vote in the next election to establish some accountability or... (It has not helped in the past... in my opinion!) Final question: What is the "Truth?"

We can choose to work within the confines of what we can control! Please take a look! Help us if you can?

Who are we and what do we do?

Homeless Veterans – Presentation (16:9) by Damon R. HUFFMAN
Slide Presentation of Who We Are and What We Do!

P.S. If you know someone who could benefit from our charitable effort, send them this link and send them our way! We are here to help!

Hope Floats for Veterans, Inc. was approved as a Non-Profit, 501 C 3, a Delaware Corporation with primary locations in Clio, Genesee County, State of Michigan. Our EIN number: 86-1713184.

Bill Kean, President of Hope Floats for Veterans, Inc., also a Managing Member of Veterans Dare to Care, a Series LLC. Cell: 810-406-7228

Matthew Nelson, Managing Member of Veterans Dare to Care, Series LLC. Cell: 810-397-1596

Timothy Kurrle,  Managing Member of Veterans Dare to Care, a Series LLC. Cell: 989-627-1390. Homeless/Houseless Veteran.

Damon R. Huffman, Chairman of the Board of Hope Floats for Veterans, Inc. Cell: 810-348-7383.


Web page: (Under construction - Beta)


Site locations:

RBV (Run By Veterans) Sawmill: 6370 W. Wilson Road, Clio, Michigan 48420

Contact: Matthew Nelson Cell: 810-397-1596

Learning Center and Community Gardens: 11214 N. Elms Road, Clio, Michigan 48420

Contact: Damon R. Huffman, Board Member. Cell: 810-348-7383.