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Heat Batteries Simple but Profound

Heat Batteries Simple but Profound

. 1 min read

Sunamp Heat Batteries Can Help Electrify Everything. Another game changer. Once you figure out your primary energy needs then a plan can be established to get you off grid.

Batteries aren't just for electricity, but can store heat or cold and help deal with intermittency and the high cost of power.

Traditional heating sources are high grade and expensive energy. ..."As engineer Robert Bean put it, this is like warming your hands with a blowtorch".

To reiterate, in our housing 70% of that high-grade energy is being converted to dumb, low-grade heat. We don't want pipes full of hydrogen or wires full of electrons, we want heat, which is all around us in the air and in the ground, we just have to collect it and concentrate it with heat pumps. With the Sunamp Heat Battery, we have a place to store it. I don't know why we have to make everything so complicated; all the stuff we need to do this is sitting there on the shelves."...