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Grey Water Eco-Systems.

Grey Water Eco-Systems.

. 3 min read

Simple Grey water Systems For Your Home Grey water systems are for safe and effective disposal of grey water from your tiny house! You can use irrigation systems to reuse the water or treat it!

Looks like a lot of work and $$$ to install the infrastructure needed to recycle grey water. Working with nature and one of its best water purification eco- systems will be a lot easier and less expensive. The willow tree also produces a lot of bio-mass. Willow trees are suitable for moist sites in full sun. They perform well in almost any climate, but the limbs and stems are not strong and may bend and break in ice and wind storms. They do grow better and like a cooler climate. The waste stream can be converted into bio-char with our gasification cooking stoves used to heat our Floating Homes. See below.

Willow trees sustainably clean up wastewater | Popular Science

A large tree can recycle 50 barrels of waste water per day! The lovely, weepy trees were able to filter over 30 million liters of primary wastewater per hectare in the course of three years.

We like the black willow which can grow 6-8 feet per year up to a height of 100 feet or 30 meters. They do all of the heavy lifting when it comes to gray waste water clean up. They are easy to propagate from cuttings. Zero cost works for our Homeless Veteran Community.
What Is A Black Willow Tree - Tips On Black Willow Tree Care If you are growing black willows, you know that the distinguishing feature of this tree is its dark, furrowed bark. For more black willow information, including tips about how to grow black willow trees,

Development of low cost water filters using plant xylem | Krithika Ramchander

Krithika Ramchander, working in Rohit Karnik's microfluidics and nanofluidics lab, has developed low cost water filters made from locally sourced plant xylem as an alternative to more cost prohibitive options currently on the market in resource constrained communities in India.

FabStove from Blue Sky Biochar  

We purchased one of these to try it out as a glamping/camping stove and heat source for our Floating Homes. We can use the biomass from the willow trees. For camping, tailgate parties or going off-grid, this remarkably innovative cook stove relies on a clever T.L.U.D. (Top Lit Up Draft) design for environmentally clean, long-burn and constant heat portability. No smoke, no fuss and super low cost steady burns on the go.

"Use what we have and have what we use!" A closed loop ecosystem that uses/recycles everything without waste. That fits with our Biomimicry Principles: "Super organisms compound Regenerative Value": We build with infinite stuff and regenerate it for compounding wealth."