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Foraging Only The Best Shrooms!

Foraging Only The Best Shrooms!

. 2 min read

Mushroom season is almost upon us. I have tried for three years to raise mushrooms. We were modestly successful when we spilled spores on old wood chips along the tree line.



I will also show you the common, but a usually unpopular pond-dwelling micro plant that can save your life one day.

This is the world’s smallest flowering plant in the world, almost half the size of a grain of rice.

But while it might be teeny tiny, it contains all essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, rivaling animal protein. It tastes like sweet cabbage and can be cooked just like it.

With a 10-acre lake, we should be able to grow lots of nutritious food. Duckweed! Yum? (I haven't tried it yet!)  I know the ducks like it and now we know why! For a deeper dive check out these videos! "Survive and Thrive - Prepared not Scared!" FYI. Duckweed can taste like bacon?
This is not a River Torrens weed, it's astronaut food! - Breakfast - ABC Radio It may not look appetizing on the River Torrens, but duckweed could be vital for space travel.

11 Easy Edible Plants for Beginner Foragers- Eating Wild Food

Rob Greenfield | Want to start foraging? Here is my foraging resource guide to help you get started: Here is my Find a Forager page to find a forager to learn from in your area:

Wine caps?