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Food Sovereignty?

Food Sovereignty?

. 2 min read

So many people in our international communities are increasingly concerned about the state of the food supply. Whether it's worried about rising food prices or shortages, food is on our minds. Not only are we concerned about where our food will come from, but we are also dealing with pesticide-laden, nutrient-deficient food. On top of all this, we know that the "Predator Class" has long used food as a Weapon. Henry Kissinger: "Control oil, and you control nations; control food, and you control the people."

We know that The Rockefeller Foundations launched their Reset the Table initiative, a technocratic approach to designing how we eat. Hope Floats focuses on Solutions; what will we do about it? I am so excited to announce that our networks are joining dozens of other organizations for the #SaveTheFood initiative! Save Our Food initiative is a universal collaboration of human beings who are taking a stand for food sovereignty. You can join the Universal Action for Food Sovereignty!

Create a visual statement with your local farmers, your garden, or your local farmer's market, including the message "Save Our Food," and share it on your social media platforms with the hashtag #saveourfood.

• Let's flood the Internet with images of happy farmers and an abundance of food,

• Let's share the tag #saveourfood,

• Let's boycott multinational supermarkets,

• Let's buy directly from farmers,

• Let's create local trading schemes,

• Let's build our soil and grow our food!

Please spread the word and website about this movement, and let's retake control of our food sovereignty and self-sufficiency! It is our FREEDOM that is at risk! No one I know wants to be under the control of a predator class! Hope Floats is all about freedom!

Let's flourish and thrive in abundance with freedom by being self sufficient!