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Evictions and Foreclosures And The Coming Tsunami of Homelessness.

Evictions and Foreclosures And The Coming Tsunami of Homelessness.

. 1 min read

On July 31,  this year a two-year-long national moratorium preventing evictions and foreclosures expired. And now, 17+ million US renters and homeowners find themselves collectively owing tens of $billions in overdue payments on their residences. How many of them will lose their homes? Unfortunately, the government is way behind on distributing aid earmarked to help. And as it tries to extend the moratoriums, it faces a constitutional challenge by the courts, as well as an uprising by legions of small-scale landlords & lenders on the brink of financial ruin due to lack of income.

I have been predicting this crisis since March of 2020. Floating Homes (Houseboats) could be a remedy to homelessness.  We can open-source for all of the homeless worldwide. Build your own home on the water! We can teach you how for pennies rather than $$$s. We spend our whole lives working to retire with a cabin on the lake! Let's do this sooner rather than later and solve the homeless crisis worldwide.