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Energy Storage For Being Off Grid!

Energy Storage For Being Off Grid!

. 1 min read

Ambri: A Battery that Could Change the World

Donald Sadoway, the Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Advisor of Ambri. 

Today Zac and Jesse speak to Donald Sadoway, the Co-Founder, Chief Scientific Advisor of Ambri.

We will need to store the energy we produce from wind, solar, hydro and thermal electric production for use when needed. Batteries can be expensive! ​This unit could fit nicely with our biochar making efforts. We will produce a lot of excess heat energy, some of which will be used in heating our green houses (as soon as we get them). The excess heat could be used to heat the battery, they require a lot of heat. The materials needed for construction are low cost and readily abundant and will last "In Perpetuity"! Forever is a long time! It functions best in high heat conditions where the lithium battery will fail. It is a simple solution that overcomes many of the disadvantages of traditional energy storage.

Go Check Out the Corporation Ambria:

Batteries for clean energy, what a great concept! The complete energy storage solution: Low cost, flexible, long duration, and safe. This battery will change the world! It is time for a positive change. This innovative battery will enable a sustainable energy future. Renewable energy requires low cost, reliable safe energy storage. This battery will be changing the energy marketplace. It can meet daily peak demand with a long-duration storage. The Ambria Battery can also be a long term solution for grid-scale battery storage! It meets our criteria of eco-friendly being easily recyclable. This meets our Permaculture tipping point: "Care of the Earth"!