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Crisis = Opportunity

Crisis = Opportunity

. 2 min read

The world is a mess and unstable. A pandemic, tragic war, environmental decay, economic upheaval, inflation, climate change, and societal divisiveness off the charts.

It hurts my heart and my head to see and think about all of this!

And yet there is also much good for us to celebrate. The sun comes up every day and we can start anew!

It looks like things will get worse before they do become better.

"Victims are frightened by change. Leaders grow inspired by it."

There are attractive opportunities as things fall apart for the brave few who wish to turn trouble into triumph. These include:

—the chance to leverage the mess to become a stronger and more serene human.

—the chance to reinvent the way you (and your teams) have always done things to operate in far better ways.

—the chance to deliver richer value for more people (and by so doing, enrich our world).

—the chance to grow while your peers contract and slow down (in hopes of “riding out the storm”).

—the chance to become a beacon of hope, an example of excellence, and a servant hero in hard times.

Mandela became Mandela not during days in the sun but at night filled with pain.

Rosa Parks became Rosa Parks amid difficulty, not ease.

Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius became legendary in the stifling heat of battle rather than sitting at a buffet table in his treasure-filled castle.

“Where do I start if I want to remake myself into this kind of person, possibilitarian and ethical warrior?”

Start by investing in your growth.…begin by studying your values.… start by evaluating your habits.… begin by removing your excuses.…start by rewriting your beliefs.…begin by healing your wounds.…show up by amplifying your genius. Stand and be counted! Let's get up and off the plantation. We are tired of being slaves! Abundance awaits!

Freedom Farms is committed to Veterans and their self sufficiency. That is what we fight for: "FREEDOM"!