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A Community Kitchen?

A Community Kitchen?

. 1 min read

Instead of having full kitchens in every floating tiny home, it would be more efficient and less expensive to have a community kitchen. The kitchen chefs could live on site in the kitchen float. Food 24/7. The community gardens would be the source of fresh nutritious food. Could also work as a community center, a place to hang out. Bonding and community occur when bread is shared.

Waternest 100 - Ecological Floating Habitat Recyclable Up To 98%

WaterNest 100 is an awesome, eco-friendly floating home. Designed by Giancarlo Zema for EcoFloLife, this green architecture design consists of 100 sqm residential unit with 12m diameter and 4m high. This environmentally friendly kitchen is made entirely out of recycled glued laminated timber along with a recycled aluminum hull. We would use the aircrete/EPIC mix and the sawmill for any needed wood.

I really like this design! I've been working to secure the services of a chef. She owned and ran her own restaurant for 20+ years. She loves being on the water. She loves to help those in need. It would be a great next chapter in her book and ours!