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Saving $$$ by Cloning Plants

Saving $$$ by Cloning Plants

. 1 min read

How to Start a Small Permaculture Nursery and Grow 1000s of Trees by Yourself - Permaculture Apprentice Recently I attended a farm forestry course with David Holmgren and Darren J. Doherty, a subject I’d like to address today. To even start a farm forestry operation, or even a permaculture orchard, you'll need to source a huge number of trees from somewhere? I crunched a few numbers and browsed the relevant websites: it seems that small bare-root trees...

This is an elderberry plant that I cloned in 2020. They cost $14.99 - $29.99 a piece re. This one was free! Apple, Pear and Plum cost even more! Our mantra: "Aggregating scattered scraps into something greater." We will need 100s of these.  A Gardening/Cloning workshop will be scheduled in the spring, where we can exchange: seeds, plants and plant clones.