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Biochar Low-Cost Way of Saving the planet!

Biochar Low-Cost Way of Saving the planet!

. 2 min read

WHY? The Secret of El Dorado - Discovery of Terra Preta

A concise breakdown of 'The Secret of El Dorado' spliced with clips of 'Unnatural Histories: Amazon' (BBC) to focus on the history of the miraculously fertile ancient soil known as Terra Preta. National Geographic - Lost Cities of the Amazon - Terra Preta clip:

Simple yet profound: BIOCHAR - Building homes for microbes

How to  Make Biochar For Your Garden.  High-end production units will be hard to scale—very informative videos. But, they will take you to the promised land. Biochar is charcoal used as a soil amendment. Biochar is a stable solid, rich in carbon, and can endure in soil for thousands of years. Watch the whole day of the Biochar Workshop led by Bob Wells, soil scientist Jon Nilsson, and Patryk Battle. Learn how to make biochar and its many beneficial uses, including greatly enhancing soil life and fertility. Discover innovative ways to maximize its benefits for dynamically carbon-negative farming and gardening. The workshop is divided into five parts below. Part 1: How

Albert Bates' We're F**ked!

Why the Demand Outlook for Carbon Credits Is Bright credits play a vital role in meeting the goals of the Paris Agreement. Here's why demand is set to skyrocket 15-fold. (Sponsored Content)
Hope Floats for Veterans has plans to build a scalable inexpensive biochar maker. The sawmills produce a lot of wasted slabs. This slab can be used to help save our planet by reducing the amount of CO2 and methane released into the atmosphere. It is in accord with the laws of nature and can remediate the soil. We plan on using it: to heat our buildings, as a building material additive (EPIC mix), as a potting soil mix, to make algae from the CO2 emissions with which we can innoculate the char. A virtuous ecosystem! No waste with multiple benefits and uses. The corporate world will pay money for carbon credits. This is what we are talking about!