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Bio Char

Bio Char

. 1 min read

One of our Biomimicry principles is multiplicity of purpose! Bio Char (charcoal that has been infused with EMs (Effective Micro organisms) will allow us to  use all of our solid waste from the sawmill in a virtuous closed loop eco system. We will have a lot of waste slab and wood chips that can be converted into a soil remediation biochar which significantly increases food/plant production. We will harvest the excess heat for the greenhouses and Floating Tiny Homes. We plan on using the waste CO2 to produce algae that can be used to inoculate the bio char with fertilizer value. We can also produce electricity from steam which can also used to activate the charcoal opening up the pores even more. Imagine a Lucia world stove 16 feet in diameter and 12.5 feet tall similar in design similar to the Lucia world stove below. Our scaleable, cost effective, biochar maker will be designed after the Lucia World Stove. This is a gasification unit and produces a nitrogen enriched low PH biochar.  The char can also be an additive to the EPIC aircrete mixture adding strength and air purification by being mold resistant.