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Advantages of Living On Water!

Advantages of Living On Water!

. 2 min read

There are many reasons for considering living on the water. We humans generally work our entire lives so that we can retire by having a cabin on the water. Why not now? Our business model make a lot of common sense! In business, you need four things: Marketing; Management; Margins; and the right Model. Joe Polish

Floating Tiny Homes have multiple cost savings advantages:

  • no infrastructure cost
  • no real estate costs (waterfront property is generally the best and most expensive)
  • no real estate taxes (license fees for houseboats are minimal and only needed if on public waterways)
  • no fire insurance costs (depends on building materials used)
  • no utility costs ongoing (off the grid)
  • no zoning rules and regulations (in our area)
  • energy efficient
  • access to thermal mass to reduce energy consumption for both heating and cooling
  • basic human needs can be met without ongoing expenses. (water, food, energy production)
  • food can be produced easily via aquaponics
  • they are movable (one can vote with their oars)
  • therapeutic helping address mental health issues

This compares extremely favorable to land based shore real estate.  The reason for lower prices for fresh water real estate are:

  • Building lots cost nothing
  • Interference of building codes and zoning issues will be much less
  • Interference of all kinds will be much less. (neighbors, city development plans, politics)
  • Construction is about moving heavy things around which is much easier on the water.
  • You can rent a floating house worldwide and have access too many opportunities beyond the local market.
  • An economy of scale will be much easier on the water.
  • Cement is not coming from a land based plant that locks the local market into a monopoly - it can come by ship from anywhere globally, and it will be cheaper in mass quantities.
  • The access road to the development needs not to be built, unlimited access for container load sized items, and heavy cranes, is accessible.
  • Infrastructure costs will be non-existent

All these factors add up to a reduction in general cost of building a real estate per square foot which turns over in much lower cost of buy and/or to rent real estate. This means floating tiny homes have a competitive edge offering the same housing space, the same closeness to the city center if desired, at a much lower price than traditional building on the shorefront or land in the same area.

A team’s awareness and focus on the hard parts dramatically shifts the prospects for the project. Seth Godin We want to be "Where the Magic Happens"!

Since the fear is always there, treat it like riding a wave.