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A Smart Beehive Kit With Open Source Beehive… – Eco Snippets

A Smart Beehive Kit With Open Source Beehive… – Eco Snippets

. 2 min read

We like exponential especially as it happens in nature!

DIY Beekeeping: Download & Print A Smart Beehive Kit With Open Source Beehive… – Eco Snippets

A finished hive. Combining elements of natural beekeeping, citizen science, open source hardware, and networked smart devices, these DIY beehives could be a powerful tool in the fight against Colony Collapse Disorder. Honeybees are amazing creatures, because not only are they responsible for producing that jar of honey on your counter by flying tens of thousands of miles and visiting millions of flowers, but they're also an incredibly important part of our ecosystem, working tirelessly as pollinators....

Let me introduce the most important organism on planet Earth!

We plan on making Bee Hives out of EPIC "Expanded Polystyrene Infused Cement." Colony collapse is an ever present danger. Our property has been chemical free since its purchase. Our bee expert thinks the property will support 1000 hives. Getting the bees to winter over is also a challenge. The temperature modifying qualities of the EPIC material will help keep their living environment stable. We also will open source all of our Bee Hive plans to the world. Veteran honey sells for a premium. Bill Kean's son got 20 quarts out of his first season on one hive. They can be very productive. It takes 50,000 trips by a bee to make one ounce of honey!

Bill Kean's 1st Horizontal Bee Hive!