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A hand up, not a hand out!

A hand up, not a hand out!

. 2 min read

Our Hope Float warriors, veteran heroes, have been reading and studying the mentalities and habits of Samurai warriors. Fascinating!

We strive to live by The Bushido Code, a complete set of standards that we strive to abide by—in every condition and circumstance.

The eight virtues of the code are simple, profound, and wise:

1. Justice

Hope Floats does what is fair. We will serve and protect our charges.

2. Courage

We walk into danger in honor of their commitment to excellence, boldness, and service; that is what real warriors do. To us, sitting on the sidelines is dangerous!

3. Mercy

All great leaders and organizations can show forgiveness and sympathy to someone in need. Hope Floats is working on mastering this character gift.

4. Politeness

Treating others with respect, keeping promises, and being on time are the mark of our veterans. In addition, being polite shows an appreciation for others and upgrades their esteem of you.

5. Sincerity

The Hope Floats' veterans are not fake. They are candid and communicate honestly. What you see is who they are. Authenticity makes us powerful, influential, and hard to beat. We build trust!

6. Honor

To do what is right rather than what is easy and to follow the highest of values in the hardest of times speaks to being an honorable soul—operating like this builds an indomitable character and confidence of steel.

7. Loyalty

Our Heroes are loyal to their team, family, society, and themselves.

8. Self-Discipline

Rising before the sun, working under less than perfect conditions, pushing thru limitation, and being utterly strict with oneself, serves our veterans well in this battle we call life. The virtue of self-discipline is one of the golden themes in every veteran's life. Hope Floats is working to exemplify discipline gorgeously.

We have boots on the ground and we get dirty realizing this vision!

Compliments of Robin Sharma.