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A Game Changer!

. 1 min read

Septic systems are at the top of our to do list. Septic systems can be very expensive! This one is a game changer and we like game changers. William M. Stoddard has verbally committed to a donation of one of their units to benefit our Homeless Veterans. He is coming down next week to meet with us 3/24. A treatment system that can change waste liabilities into assets. Sludgehammer can also make small units for use in the Floating Tiny Homes. This will be a critical part of our green, closed loop eco-system. Check them out! We are excited about this one! Simple design but profound implications. Their system destroys pathogens while restoring septic fields rather than replacing them!

Wastewater Treatment & Septic Solutions | Petoskey, MI | SludgeHammer Group, Ltd . Are you looking for a better way to treat your waste water without breaking the bank? Contact SludgeHammer Group, Ltd. today to learn more: (231) 348-5866