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Hope Floats enters Airbnb contest to win $100,000.00.

Hope Floats enters Airbnb contest to win $100,000.00.

. 2 min read

The OMG! Fund | Airbnb $10M Fund to build the craziest places on earth

Hope Floats' submission: "The open-faced monolithic geodesic star dome houseboat is made of recycled Expanded Polystyrene Infused Cement, producing 40% more living space for the same cost. EPIC will use Kenaf fiber instead of wood fiber, charcoal to sequester CO2 and purify the air within the dome, aircrete to lower costs and add insulation value. These materials yield a net-zero carbon usage. Basalt re-rod will be used for strength and will withstand F5 hurricanes, tornadoes, electromagnetic pulse, last 100s of years with an R-value of 100, and be cost-effective. A transparent bubble on top and a floating round bed/couch raising and lowering from the ceiling allow for star gazing as one falls asleep. No interior doors with a common curved wall separating the kitchen from the bathroom. The waste treatment ecosystem is a closed-loop that uses worms, and black soldier flies to treat waste streams while producing fish food. The float is 1/2 of a torus weighted in the center open for an electric boat motor. The houseboat can go in any direction. The dome will look like a football helmet. Should we go with University of Michigan or Michigan State?  The door is dome-shaped and will slide outward and around on wheels. The thermal mass of the water provides passive heating and cooling via a heat exchanger. Solar panels with water heaters, wind turbines, and thermal energy are stored in recycled medical batteries. A tiny rocket stove supplies heat and cooking while producing needed charcoal. A hexagon sectional float surrounds the dome stabilizing it and for wave attenuation. The  floats fit together, building community by providing easy access to each other. The design incorporates sacred geometry/Fibonacci."

Futuristic Floating domes!

Calling all "Creatives"! Let's get out of the box and on the water into a dome. Our final submission will be only as good as our team! It should be fun! We want this design to address homelessness by being cost effective!