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Are We Screwed?

The so-called "leaders" on the grand world stage are screwing up our world worse than ever in modern history with dysfunctional media and political and economic systems. They're either incompetent, pure evil, opportunistic sociopaths, or all of the above! Corporations and governments working together have resulted in massive corruption resulting

Damon R. Huffman

Food Sovereignty?

So many people in our international communities are increasingly concerned about the state of the food supply. Whether it's worried about rising food prices or shortages, food is on our minds. Not only are we concerned about where our food will come from, but we are also dealing with pesticide-laden,

Damon R. Huffman

Hope Floats enters Airbnb contest to win $100,000.00.

The OMG! Fund | Airbnb $10M Fund to build the craziest places on earth Hope Floats' submission: "The open-faced monolithic geodesic star dome houseboat is made of recycled Expanded Polystyrene Infused Cement, producing 40% more living space for the same cost. EPIC will use Kenaf

Damon R. Huffman

Are you a Wizard, a Prophet, or an Ostrich?

Are you a Wizard, a Prophet, or an Ostrich?In his book The Wizard and the Prophet Charles Mann describes two theories about the future–one based on the work of a Nobel Peace Prize winner and the other by a pioneer of the modern environmental movement. Wizards

Damon R. Huffman

Crisis = Opportunity

The world is a mess and unstable. A pandemic, tragic war, environmental decay, economic upheaval, inflation, climate change, and societal divisiveness off the charts. It hurts my heart and my head to see and think about all of this! And yet there is also much good for us to celebrate.

Damon R. Huffman

A hand up, not a hand out!

Our Hope Float warriors, veteran heroes, have been reading and studying the mentalities and habits of Samurai warriors. Fascinating! We strive to live by The Bushido Code, a complete set of standards that we strive to abide by—in every condition and circumstance. The eight virtues of the code are

Damon R. Huffman

Foraging Only The Best Shrooms!

Mushroom season is almost upon us. I have tried for three years to raise mushrooms. We were modestly successful when we spilled spores on old wood chips along the tree line. ShitakeDuckweed: I will also show you the common, but a usually unpopular pond-dwelling micro plant that can save your

Damon R. Huffman

Many people run around saying, “I’m going to change the world!”

Please partner with Hope Floats to change the world for just one of our homeless veteran heroes. They may have fallen, but they are not forgotten. Our veteran community gives hope and a hand up to stop veterans committing suicide. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens

Damon R. Huffman

Currency Collapse! Bank Runs?

We are starving for a shared purpose and belonging, authentic expression and personal agency, trust, community, and expertise born of time in the dirt (I'm the gardener). We long to care for each other and the world around us more profoundly and feel at home. We are aching to be

Damon R. Huffman

Time to be a Revolutionary! Plant a Permaculture Food Forest!

Our government is not going to save us! Inflation is going to destroy access creating more food insecurity. Our response "Expand our community gardens!" “In our society growing food ourselves has become the most radical of acts. It is truly the only effective protest, one that can—and will- overturn

Damon R. Huffman

The Exodus: To a Life, Worth Living! Together We Survive and Thrive!

Now is Just the Beginning of the Great Resignation - Social Unrest!****Some of us are silently preparing for an exodus*****The pandemic allowed us to realize that we do not have to donate our functional years to a corporation for a greedy, selfish titan to get rich at our

Damon R. Huffman